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Project Description
DDrawTest application project shows how to use the Hardware layers of display controller of different application processor in WinCE and Windows Mobile devices. This also shows how to use DDraw APIs to access the hardware layers of the display controller in WinCE/WinMobile.


  • Device should have DShow camera driver
  • Device should support DDraw supported Display driver.
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional SDK

Without the above mentioned prerequisites this application will fail to run on the devices.

This sample demo application will do the following functions when it is executed.

  • Using DShow it will build the filter graph and starts streaming the data from the underlying camera driver.
  • Using DDraw APIs it will query the surface over the camera rendering and will draw the text over it.

Application Usage:

Following are the user interaction option with the application

Keys Functions
‘D’ Draws the "Testing" text over the DDraw surface.
‘E’ Erases the content of the primary surface
‘F’ Flips between the back buffer and primary surface buffer
ESC Exits the application.




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